Friday, January 6, 2012

Don't Look Now, But I Blogged Something

I won't apologize for the lack of activity on this blog because you deserve better than that. Like many out there, blogs take time that I don't have. That being said, I'm working on implementing Storify into my advanced writing class and I'm one of those profs that, if I'm going to demand it, I'm going to do it along with you.

So, here's a Storify post I threw together regarding the latest campus media adviser to find themselves occupying the unemployment office due to the actions of their university's newspaper staff and the (overre)actions of their administrators.

Check out the whole thing here on Storify! Some of the language at the beginning and end is for my students to better understand/utilize Storify, so ignore that jank.

Happy 2012 & yes, I'll be more present in the blogosphere...I promise.

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