Sunday, July 6, 2008

Apologies for the Hiatus

Dear Friends,

It's been quite an unexpectedly busy summer as my Public Speaking course winds down this week. After that it's traveling to see my 3rd nephew after he enters into our world sometime around the middle of the month. When that all winds down, I'll truly get back to active blogging! Promise.

The goal is for a weekly post rooted in the study/omniscient-overlook of the ongoings in the mass media realm. There's quite a bit to talk about. From major cuts across the country to several J-schools retooling their curriculum for the Not-So-New Media wave, we've got a bit to cover. And...on occasion, I'll throw in a sports-related post or two.

My hypocrisy knows no bounds. For now, enjoy these two pics of our kids enjoying the summer. Isabelle is over 2 years and 4 months old now...Kenny is 9 months old and is a beast. They are fun to keep up with.

-Jeff a.k.a. "The Professor"

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Carlos_Chrisafa said...

Its nice to see that you can keep up with the kids, the job, sports and even the extended family. I'm sure that things have been quite busy for you, but beauty and the beast are coming along there.

I can't wait until they are both old enough to start competing in sports and how you will take it all in. I know you hope that ole (hopeful) southpaw there will be mowin' them down like Lincecum and Zambrano someday but we'll see.

Currently there isn't much for you to blog about in the sports world except the Brett Favre saga and JT's amazing performance at the ESPY's, so until the official football kickoff, I guess we'll stick with communication.

First, I believe you should hop on and register yourself on there. I know its bad and your wife will hate it, but it is basically a professional facebook. That way you may be able to re-connect with some broadcasting buddies and also if you happen to come across a job or two for your students, then maybe you could hook them up.

Second, there needs to be somethin setup for the fall with communication students and I know you are a go-getter so we can get it done together.

Lastly, don't work yourself too hard. I know you have a habit of doing that.

"In Richmond, this is Chris Davis, ESPN." (<== It'll be money someday.)